Kuala Lumpur

Modern melting pot

Kuala Lumpur

In the airplaine to KL I young malaysian guy wwas sitting right next to me. He was practicing Mua Thai, so we could talk about martial arts.

The air asia airport in KL in the biggest airport I’ve seen so far. The center is like a huge shopping mall. So after grapping my bag I had my first malaysian meal together with my new acquaintanc.at the airport. It was similar to a indian chicken curry.  After lunch I took the bus to the center and went to Travel Hub KL. I can highy recommend this location. Good stuff, good location and I specially liked the rooftop.

I felt a bit tired already. Also I noticed I focused too strong on photography, which perturbed the feeling of being blessed to do such a journey. So I took some coffees with different people from the hostel or some beer on the rooftop and talked a lot. Also I perambulated through the city without my camera. In KL there are free bus lines (marked by colors). So if you don’t mind you miss to jump off at the “right place” it is perfect. The easier and often faster variant is to use the skytrain, but it is not for free.


On the first evening I wanted to go on a rooftop bar. As the photographs in Bangkok did not work that well, I asked at the reception therefore.

She recommended the heliport bar. Most time there I spend on trying to photograph lightings. But I think I need to practice more or it needs a darker sky or some double exposures to have lightings next to the Petronas Towers. Also I photographed several couples and send them the photos.

The next day flew by and in the evening I went to Jelatek (just take the Skytrain). In the skytrain on the way back the day before,,,,, I saw a commercial shot with the highway coming into the city. I found the composition of this shot just perfect as the road leads perfectly from one corner into the big mega city. It reminded me of shots I’ve seen from Mulholland drive which leads iinto L.A.

With some reasearch I found out this shot was done in Jelatek. If you arrive here you can see the highyway from the station. You need to get to the high apartment building next to it on the opposite side. Take the elevator and the last stairways you have to walk. Ask the people if it is ok to take photographs from there.

I stould there from dusk approx. for 1h and tried different shots. Then I had my dinner at the cheap place below, where I could listen to Malaysian dinner talk 😉

The last day I went into Little India. I hoped for a shot showing the contrast between modernized mega city and poor people, which I especially felt in Kuala Lumpur. But different to other countries where I’ve been and where the fences become higher every year, here the people seam to .have a control of their envy.