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Thomas Rosen

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Hi I’m Thomas Rosen, owner and publisher of this website. At the moment I’m working as a developer and consultant in Hamburg in Germany. I love travelling, nature and photography and want to share some of my pictures with you, that’s why I made this website. Before somebody asks: I’m not on facebook, twitter or any other “social platform”. But I would be happy if you post the link of my site or to some images (see gallery->lightbox). So more people visit my page to see my pictures. This site is a non-profit blog. But if there is enough request I can change this. So if you are interested in buying some prints or image data, let me know. Same for any photography project: You want pictures of something, feel free to ask!

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I’m often looking for new photography projects. If you are a model and interested in some high quality shots of you, this might be something for you. The deal is: You and I get images for personal or personal promoting use for free. Other use is excluded. You can download an example contract below.

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This is a page of a friend of my dad. Both hooked me into nature photography: